We are Oxen & Alder

ADVENTURER loving husband and wife team

We know that your love story is so much more than a single day, and we want to capture everything that makes you and your sweetheart special. We live for quirky couples who aren't afraid to get a little messy. Let's hit up the bar where you had your first tinder date, the shop where you first laid eyes on each other. Let's create something authentically you.

We're Skyler and Vhan

Lovers of Cows, Culvers and Campfires...oh and each other

Hey there! We're Skyler and Vhan, a traveling husband and wife photography team based in Eau Claire, WI! We capture couples who want something unconventional, those who plan their day around their own love story and not what anyone else expects. 

Our favorite thing is driving hours to a national park with our circus of dogs in the back seat. Nothing beats exploring nature with our little family. When we're not outdoors we're definitely eating too many cheesy gordita crunches, and listening to music that makes us feel like angsty teenagers. 

We're a couple of dreamers who get so freaking excited to be part of your love story, and to give you images that you'll be passing down as heirlooms for decades to come. 


Our Style

and what makes us different

We love honest images that spark something when you see them. Our work allows us to step into someone's life for just a moment and see who they authentically are. We chose to do couples photography because we so strongly believe in documenting and preserving your love story for years to come.

We want to give our couples a photographer who embraces them and what their hearts beat for. We know how much goes into planning your wedding day, and while we capture all of the details, we want to get the emotions that came with them. 

We'll create the space for you two to be your genuine selves, and let the magic happen from there.


Winnie, Faulkner, and Edgar - the cutest roommates/dog-children ever

for the unapologetically in love

Midwest • Worldwide



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Capturing your

It's more than those "perfect" moments

Love story

It's all of the little messy ones from beginning to end.  We want to know you two as human beings, you're so much more than clients to us. Fostering those real honest emotions comes from knowing you and what makes you tick! 

We've chosen to limit the amount of weddings we take every year in order to pour ourselves into each event. More than taking a few pretty pictures, we want to tell a story. Those little things your love does that makes you fall for them so much harder- we want to capture! Being in front of the camera is so intimate, and we couldn't be more humbled to peek into your lives.

Let's tell your story

If you're a little weird, love adventure, and
can't wait to capture something unique- we already LOVE YOU!

We love a little wild, but even if that isn't your jam we're obsessed with telling authentic stories. More than hiking up a mountain or camping in the desert- we want to document raw emotions. That real stuff that no Pinterest pose can match. 

If you're planning your day around your individual love story we want in! Whether that means kicking it in Taco Bell or running through the ocean with your rescue pup, we're up for the adventure! 

So...are we a

good match?

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